FAWUK: the answers

London’s sky has just turned a milky orange so, if this is our last set of Friday quiz answers before the Rapture, do tell the Big Man in the Sky we made your pre-weekend office hours just a little bit more bearable. Who knows, maybe he’ll look more kindly on our other indiscretions.

However, if God is not preparing to sweep us all into the sky, then we’ll just carry on.

On that note, here are the answers to last week’s quiz:

1. Roman Abramovich was placed on the UK’s blacklist this week, with sanctions imposed on his assets, which include Chelsea football club. What was the name of the 1972 hit single performed by the club’s squad, which may well describe how one of the world’s most high profile oligarchs is feeling this week?

There’s nothing we’d rather do less than listen to this particular tune but the answer is, of course, Blue Is The Colour.

2. What is the name of the big Chinese buyer said to be on the wrong side of the surge in nickel prices this week? For a bonus point, by what percentage did nickel futures surge?

That’d be metals tycoon Xiang Guangda, and the surge was 250 per cent. Trading has not resumed in an orderly fashion Wednesday.

3. Amazon announced that it plans to split its stock this week, but by what factor?

Twenty to one which, coincidentally, is roughly the ratio of Amazon PRs to FT journalists. (That’s a joke, please don’t email us to ask for a correction.)

4. Which international financial organisation officially banned Russia from its services and meetings?

The Bank for International Settlements, or BIS to its pals.

5. What is the new name of WeWork founder Adam Neumann’s family office?

The Axl Rose of Commercial Real Estate is channeling his appetite for capital destruction into a family office called 166 2nd Financial Services. Catchy.

6. Alibaba’s share price dipped below its IPO price this week after a catastrophic unwind since this time last year. Which famous nonagenarian investor has been buying the dip all the way down?

Berkshire Hathaway’s number 2 and part-time sensory deprivation dorm architect Charlie Munger is the proud owner of a US-listed variable interest entity with ties to an ecommerce business on the Chinese mainland. And a deep pocket of tax losses to boot.

7. By Friday’s close, will Glencore’s share price be above or below its IPO price?

As it turns out, just below at 510p versus the IPO price of 530p.

8. Who tweeted this nonsense?

Nigel Farage. Need we say more?

And the winner is . . . Christian Thwaites! AGAIN. Stop showing off mate — your colleagues might get jealous of the tat accumulating on your desk.