Refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine arrive in Budapest

Over 290,000 refugees have already arrived in Hungary from Ukraine.

The aid organisation, Migration Aid, is working to help them find accommodation with a converted workers’ hostel where there are 64 rooms and 280 beds.

The operation is sustained through a combination of donations and volunteers.

András Siewert is one of the organisers with Migration Aid.

“After a while, in every crisis, people start to get tired,” he says.

“That’s why I also tell our volunteers – some of whom are sleeping here and they only sleep for an hour or two – I say it’s a marathon, so if you want to help then, also in a week or two, relax, take a day off, don’t do it constantly because you will burn out.”

At Budapest’s Eastern Railway Station, organisations and churches have created a children’s corner. Here mothers can feed the youngest children and preschoolers can play together.

According to the UNHCR, almost half of the refugees are children.

Older children are often seen drawing and they are trying to manage their trauma this way.

Euronews reporter, Nora Shenouda, says: “Most of the volunteers I talked to in the children’s corner all said they were very tired and the vulnerability of little children is mentally burdening them too.

“They also said that – at the same time – when they feel they can help someone – it gives them strength.”

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