Start11 brings back Windows 11 taskbar ungrouping

If you’re like me and you’re disappointed by the taskbar in Windows 11, there are plenty of apps to bring back missing functionality. One of the most fully featured is Stardock’s Start11, and it’s being updated today (version 1.2 beta) to include support for ungrouping apps on the taskbar in Windows 11.

Microsoft doesn’t currently support ungrouping app icons on the taskbar in Windows 11, nor small icons or even the ability to resize the taskbar. These key missing features are all supported in Start11, with multi-monitor support to independently define window grouping on secondary monitors.

Centered icons and Start button on the left.
Image: Stardock

There’s even a new option so you can left-align the Start button but keep app icons centered in the taskbar. And while drag and drop is returning to the taskbar in a future Windows 11 update, Start11 already supports it right now.

It’s strange to have to install a third-party app to get basic Windows taskbar functionality back, but until Microsoft fully addresses all of the missing parts of the Windows 11 taskbar, Start11 is a good alternative that also has bonus customization options.

Start11 isn’t free, though. There’s a 30-day trial, and pricing starts at $5.99 for a single device.