Thank FAWUK it’s Friday

“It’s sunny and 75, it feels so good, to be alive” is one of our favourite lines from the Silver Jews’ extensive back catalogue. And, on a glorious day like today, it feels appropriate.

Of course, it helps that it’s Friday. And that can only mean one thing at FT Alphaville Towers: it’s time for FAWUK. The infamous FT Alphaville’s Wot U Know quiz.

Here’s how it works. There’s eight questions: six on markets, one asset price guess and one attempt to guess who wrote the worst tweet of the week. The winner gets a piece of tat from Jamie or Claire’s desk and a new accreditation to add to their profile on LinkedIn. If you fancy it anyway.

Here we go:

  1. Which military man will no longer be making the switch to central banking later this year?

  2. Russian sanctions imposed by the UK government are having a knock-on impact on the activities of British-Iranian businessman and Everton Football Club owner Farhad Moshiri. What other famous Liverpool asset is Moshiri, who has ties to sanctioned oligarch Alisher Usmanov, now trying to flog?

  3. The FT got the scoop this week regarding the two preferred bids for Chelsea FC. Both are tied to American billionaires who own US sports teams. Name one of those teams.

  4. The Russian central bank this week shed a little light on how it is trying to get round the Western sanctions that have rendered hundreds of billions of dollars worth of its reserves useless. That includes investing more of its funds in renminbi. We want your best guess on what portion of its assets are now held in the Chinese currency.

  5. Which famous US consulting firm is suing GameStop over $30mn in unpaid fees?

  6. Cathie Wood has taken yet more flak this week, despite a bounce in her ETFs over the past two weeks. Name the CEO and their British fund house that this week became the latest to give her strategy both barrels?

  7. Will you be able to trade nickel on LME for the duration of the Friday session? And if so, what will the three-month contract be trading at by the close?

  8. And finally, who tweeted this nonsense?

Answers, as always, to Claire ( or Jamie ( or both. Have a great weekend all.