Volunteers from around the globe are going to Hungary to help refugees

International volunteers are working tirelessly near a train station in Záhony, Hungary to help refugees arriving from Ukraine.

One group of volunteers works at the station twelve to fourteen hours a day. They told Euronews that they flew from Israel to Hungary without knowing what would happen once they got there.

“We just bought tickets, one-way tickets, without any scheduled flight to go back,” said Yuri, a volunteer from Israel.

“We came to the border, found an organization and asked them how we can help”.

The work has not been easy, though. Many of the refugees passing through the station are arriving from active conflict zones.

“If I start to tell you stories, I think I will start to cry. Because this is very emotional. I’ve never seen things like that, or heard things like that”, Yuri added.

Another group of volunteers from England arrived with 7,000 teddy bears to distribute to children passing through the station.

“To see the faces of the children is just incredible,” said David, a member of the group.

“And we are hoping that the first memory those children will have of coming here is a smiling face, somebody dressed looking silly, smiling, a bear, a bit of love. And that’s kind of the message of ‘you’re safe now.’”

Hungary is currently hosting over 342,738 refugees from Ukraine in the country.